is worthy
of being seen, of being heard & of being received.


Community & Process Facilitation

I hold spaces where connection naturally happens and where Collective wisdom flourishes inside the Relational Field. With the support of an abundant tool box, I support groups into gaining Clarity, Efficiency and Depth. 

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Trauma Integration Coaching

A safe space for your personal awerness. A change to look inward and clarify your life path, heal traumatic events and enter again into Alignment. Together we nurture your path to Wholeness.


Transformative Workshops

I offer transformational, trauma-informed programs that support individuals in their own personal development as well as the space to cultivate deep relations.  

Hello, I´m Teodora

Community Facilitator & Trauma Coach

I hold spaces of depth that support your inner alignment, personal resilience, and build your capacity of relating. As a certified Trauma Integration Coach and Process Facilitator with a wide range toolbox, I am commited to provide you with a nurturing space where compassionate healing meets empowering community.

Another world is not only possible, she´s on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. 

Arundhati Roy

My current Offers

Transformative Facilitation

In depth community building workshop that will turn strangers into friends, and deepen connections in the group. 

Space of Presence

Trauma Integration Coaching Journey

What People are Sharing about my work
My experience with Teodora has been the most beautiful, insightful and deep session I have ever had. She guided me to create more space in my life to accept myself more, to recognise myself and find a partner. Aligning my emotions in order to always feel safe. Inner alignment with Teodora without a doubt, I highly recommend from the bottom of my heart.
Maru Rovira
Marketing Manager, Brazil
I just loved our team session with Teodora. She captivated us right from the start with her calm and connected energy so that existing nervousness in all of us immediately dissipated. She’s very good at balancing theory with practice and structure with flow, always sensing the needs of our group and adapting accordingly. And wow, we were going deep! Actually, this session was unlike any other team development session I’ve experienced in my professional career, as it put human energy into the spotlight from beginning to end.
Thank you so much 💜
Michèle Fabian
Breathwork Coach, Switzerland
In your workshop, I discovered myself again, thank you so much!!!
Teodora has an amazing ability to hold space and guide deep inner processes with a gentle and rooted energy. I had the opportunity to attend two of her workshops on embodiment and Deep Ecology, touching me deeply and helping me process heavy emotions in a safe space. I deeply appreciate her capacity to sense into the energy of an individual or group and to hold them through transformative experiences with such care, love and dedication.
Ana Moca Grama
Ecological Journalist, Romania
Teodora is one of the most skilled facilitators that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have been part of several different spaced that she has held and lead and I cannot sing her praises highly enough. She is insightful and kind, taking the time to go deeply into the subject and hold space with grace, while at the same time having an amazing ability to create room in for laughter and joy while examining deep topics.
Avena Rawnsley
Storyteller, UK
If you're seeking to construct a team grounded in co-creation, emergence, and conscious understanding, Teodora is the ideal facilitator for this journey. Her expert guidance through this transformative workshop not only deepened our understanding of trauma-informed practices but also seamlessly integrated these principles into the very fabric of our team building. Her approach is essential for any work environment striving for empathetic and effective team dynamics.
KEEN Well-Being Founder, Switzerland

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