Creating safe spaces for people to connect and thrive, this is my Purpose.


Teodora Radulescu is recognised as a skilled facilitator and coach known for her expertise in guiding individuals and groups towards regenerative collaboration, systemic understanding, personal development and a deeper, lighter connection to their surrounding. Her approach blends various methods from trauma – integration systemic coaching, participative facilitation, and trauma-informed principles to create a supportive and empowering environment for her clients. 

As a facilitator, Teodora designs transformative process-oriented experiences that turn strangers into friends, build resilient communities and respond to today’s environmental and social complexity.

She is in her element when it comes to Active Listening and Deep Sharing, infusing her attuned presence in 1:1 work, workshops, and group sessions. She fosters collaboration, encourages active participation, and ensures that all voices are heard. Her facilitation style is characterised by softness, clarity, flexibility, creativity, and a focus on emergent spaces. 

Teodora collaborates yearly with institutions such as Gaia Education, key partner of UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development. She is a senior group facilitator at The Ecovillage Design Education Programme, guiding and facilitating project groups to develop regenerative communities in Europe. 

In her role as a Trauma Integration coach, Teodora works closely with individuals to support them to integrate past pain and limiting patterns of avoidance, anxiety, stress or disconnection.  She is known for her empathetic listening skills, compassionate inquiry, and ability to attune deeply to the person she is with. By creating a safe and non-judgmental space, she empowers her clients to explore their past trauma, but also resilience, values, and boundaries,  guiding them towards more a meaningful life. 

Having completed further education with international teachers such as Thomas Hübl and James Priest in personal development, group dynamics, trauma-informed coaching, conflict transformation, holistic project planning as well as relational somatic awareness methods such as Transparent Communication®, meditation and group mindfulness, Teodora´s journey has led her to a deeper, process based facilitation. 

Since 2014 she has co-founded  several purpose – driven NGO´s in Romania and Switzerland, eg. The Permaculture Research Institute of Romania, Romania in Transition and Pathways Collective with an active role of implementing regenerative practices in the world. 

She has served as an council member and advisor for Environmental and Regenerative organizations, and is currently a Council Member of the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe. She has held talks and taught workshops on ecological resilience, community building, eco-anxiety and relational competencies for different stakeholders. 

My Story

I was born and raised in post-comunist Romania, a time of great transition which has led and defined my steps in life. Growing up in an emerging world, where the old one was dying but the new was not yet born has build my resilience, creativity and trust in life itself. 

While graduating as a Cineast and Designer from the University of Arts in Bucharest, a certain calling was present within me, that this world, and all it´s development, has a deep disfunctionality and as such, I took it as my mission to create as much resilience around myself as possible – ecologic, social, economic and spiritual. 

Soon after, at only 21 years old, my father passed away from a heart attack. It has been an elegant, shocking and enlightening experience for me, to be so close to the last moments of someones life. This event changed me deeply and since then I decided that everyday is a chance for something new. That evolution and all life itself is precious, fragile and strong and that whichever path life will show me, I will walk and create it with grace. 

I moved to an off-grid eco-community in the mountains of Romania, where I have planned to stay 6 months on a journey of self-sufficiency and Permaculture exploration. I stayed 4 years, living off the land, learning about alternative plants, medicine, community building and mostly returning to a simpler way of living, a more attuned, clear and in balance with Life Itself. A lot of silent retreats and meditation has happened in this time. 

I started noticing how, in the face of Complexity and Climate Change, what truly supports resilience is the capacity to respond to it, so I engaged with Permaculture, Sociocracy and the Global Ecovillage Network in the hopes of giving life meaning and building a future that is not yet here. 

After four more years of nomadic traveling, serving and learning from more than 40 Ecovillage projects in Europe, I landed in the Community Schloss Glarisegg, my dear home. 

Nine years later, I have learned that without a clean and conscious relational field, what happens between people, resilience and creativity is blocked. We need processes, rituals, understanding and deepening of our humanity in such a way that our relations are safe, harmonious and attuned to nature as a Whole. 

After working extensively with NGO´s, Companies, Networks – Facilitating Group Dynamics, Organisational Development and Holistic Planning – my path led me to Trauma Integration Therapy, Collective Trauma Healing and Community Building Process work. 


Healing my own trauma has been the practice that has changed my whole life, and continues to do so.

The beauty of this work has deeply touched me, and I´ve learned that only trough a share experience I can learn how to truly belong. 

This is my gift to you. 

The journey continues. 

My Learning Journey

Individual , Collective and Ancestral Trauma Healing

Timeless Wisdom Training – Thomas Hubl | 2021 – 2023 

Timeless Wisdom Training (TWT) is a two-year program designed to build relational capacities and learn practical skills, methods, and frameworks that support the use and integration of trauma-informed principles in professional fields and daily life.

Participative Facilitation, Social Dynamics Group & Process Work

Community Learning Programme for Sustainability | Oct 2019

The CLIPS framework understands the importance and complexity of the different stages of project and community development; from initiation, to visioning, decision-making, communication, conflict resolution, structure, expansion and change. The programme aims at training and thus facilitating it ́s development.

Community Building & Holistic Planning

Ecovillage Design Education – Schloss Glarisegg | 6 weeks intensive

Timeless Wisdom Training (TWT) is a two-year process designed to build relational capacities and learn practical skills, methods, and frameworks that support the use and integration of trauma-informed principles in professional fields and daily life.

Teodora Radulescu - Trauma Integration Coaching Sessions

Coaching and Therapy

  • Transparent Communication – Trauma Informed Communication by Thomas Hubl
  • Conflict Transformation Training – Trauma Informed Mediation
  • Integrative Systemic Coaching & Trauma Healing (Possibility Management)
  • Non-Violent Communication Workshop 
  • Systemic Constelation 

Sustainability and Organisational Development

    • Permaculture Design Course – 2 week Intensive
    • Participative Leadership Training 
    • Dragon Dreaming Training – John Croft – Holistic Project Planning and community building. 
    • Empowered Fundraising – Radical Connection to Money
    • Sociocracy 3.0 Training (6 months) – James Priest – Consent Decision Making Structures
    • Art of Hosting, Theory U Module
    • Bachelor in Cinematic & Multimedia Design Studies

Community Building

  • Deep Ecology and Work that Reconnects, by Joanna Macy 
  • Forum (ZEGG – Community)
  • Scott Peck Community Building
  • CLIPS Training – Community Learning Incubator Program for Sustainability

Meditation, Self-Development, Healing

  • 10 Silent Meditation Retreats – Vipassana Meditation
  • Mind|Body Awakening Embodiment – Gary Joplin 
  • Yoga Practice since 2011
  • Study of Mystical Principles, Healing Collective Trauma – Thomas Hubl 2024- 2025

Your presence brought me and the group so much joy, sun and emotional safety. I love the way you speak in public and I had an amazing experience during your guided mediation.

- Anda

Dear Teodora, thank you for every single embodiment session! I really love the balance you bring in with body movement, fun and feeling inside! I really appreciate your way of showing and expressing your feelings in an authetic way. It inspires me a lot! The same goes for your passion about the trauma topic!

- Nicole