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from Within

A transformative healing journey for
wild and sensitive women

dear woman,

Welcome to “Bloom from Within,” an empowering 6-session coaching package created especially for women which are ready to dive deep in their own self-discovery and healing journey. Using a Trauma-Informed, Somatic approach I offer you a safe space where you can integrate painful experiences, heal stuck patterns, and bloom into the authenthic woman you know you can be. 

Allowing your power to emerge, is the biggest gift you can ever give yourself.

Hello dear, welcome!

I am Teodora,

I believe in the transformative power of attuned, present and loving support for trauma survivors. We all have a past, it´s how we create the present that is different. My approach is grounded in trauma-informed practices, attuned to meet the unique needs of each person I have the chance to work with.

I am here for you, offering support on a holistic level: Cognitive, Emotional and Somatic. Understanding the issue, feeling the feelings and their place in our body, and sensing their influence on our lives and relationships. 

My space supports you with:

My approach.

Inside the Sessions

  • Trauma-Informed Approach: Using trauma-informed healing principles, I make sure that every space is safe, respectful, and empowering for you. 

  • Resourcing and Embodiment:  With the help of Somatic practices, we explore together the language and signals of your nervous system, learning how to self-regulate and respond to stress, complexity and overwhelm. 
  • Authentic Connection: My priority is being present with WHAT IS, beyond any method or story. Offering you a space where you can experience being seen, heard and understood is my priority. My space is an open sanctuary where you can be your true self without judgment.

  • Compassionate Guidance: I am here to support your healing journey. My job is first to Listen and then offer guidance, inspiration, reflections and support every step of your way. 

  • Loving Support: I approach our work with love and compassion, holding space for your healing and honouring your unique path. 


What is the result of Trauma Integration

Trauma happens to all of us, even if we recognise it later in life. Every trauma is different for everybody, as we have experienced different levels of attachment. By taking time to become self-aware of our activated or numb parts, we give space to what wants to be seen, received and loved back into integration. 

The Future has the Power to Rewrite the Past. Healing past energy creates a forward ripple effect. When we integrate shadow or trauma, it releases light and energy that was previously held in shadow, offering greater movement and freedom of will in the present.

Thomas Hübl

What people
say about
my sessions

My experience with Teodora has been the most beautiful, insightful and deep session I have ever had. She guided me to create more space in my life to accept myself more, to recognise myself and find a partner. Aligning my emotions in order to always feel safe. Inner alignment with Teodora without a doubt, I highly recommend from the bottom of my heart.

Maru Rovira

Working with you was a deeply transformative experience where I felt truly seen and valued in my places of pain and insecurity. Teodora made sure that I had the space that I needed to express myself safely, and offered gentle, but firm, encouragement to examine my trauma more deeply and to express things that I would usually find uncomfortable sharing. She provided fantastic aftercare so that I didn’t feel alienated or “too much” after opening up. I feel so grateful! 



Choose the path that is right for you

 Choose your way of working with me and begin your journey towards a life of authenticity, resilience, and well-being.

Single Session

It takes time to build trust in a new person. I know how the fear of commitment can feel. Let´s start slow, book one session and see if we are a fit. I like to give us time to land, so all my sessions are 90 min long.

140 CHF

4 Sessions

Uncover your inner patterns for a month. We meet weekly for 90 minutes sessions and give space to what is alive in you, as non-important as you may think. I am here for you.

560 CHF

8 Sessions

For the motivated ones, curios to dive deep into their own Being.
During 8 sessions of 90 min, we integrate weekly themes and deepen your presence and awareness.

1120 CHF

Discovery Connection

Our first connection is always free. We get to know each other by letting the nervous system sense into our space. If you feel the resonance with my being, you get to choose if you wish to work together with me. We start by looking at your desired topics of healing, and the length of our exploration. We then book our first coaching session. 


Sessions can be paid with cash, via bank transfer or over TWINT – both Euro and Swiss Francs. Session fees are not covered by the Swiss health insurance.

Emotional healing takes time. How long an integration process lasts depends on different elements, including the intentions set for the coaching and the integration into daily life. On average a Trauma-Integration process spans 6-20 sessions. A healthy amount of sessions is taking place 2-3 weeks apart, in crisis situations once a week. The coaching process may be ended anytime (with advance notice) by both the client or myself. In this case a final closure and feedback meeting should be planned as it is vital to the process.

Sessions may be rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance with no penalty (24 hours in case of serious sickness or emergency). In case of a shorter term cancellation or arriving late to a session, the full amount for the session will be charged.

I adhere to a strict confidentiality value in my work with clients. I commit to not disclose anything that comes up during sessions or in communication between sessions to a 3rd party without explicit consent from the client.

How does
it feel to finally be the Queen of your life?